Exoskeleton simulator project finished

The last month my girlfriend and I had been working on a system to capture leg movement and animate a skeleton together with a exoskeleton. The motivation was to improve the “mobility in the city”. We found that people using a wheelchair often fell “unequal” as they are simply not on the same height as “normal” … Read more

The hackaday prize 2015

Do you want to improve the world we are living in and you are having a groundbreaking idea how to make that happen? Then you should go for the hackaday prize 2015, which is starting today! What is the Hackaday Price? Well nothing but a competition with the richest and most compelling prize pool ever available to … Read more

Getting started with 3D in WPF

Though WPF is not meant for complex 3D implementations, the Viewport3D is a quite powerful feature. You can implement small 3D Animations to improve your design, the usability and so on. However, the usage of this Viewport3D is not easy going. Usually (at least I do) you have created an 3D Object in a 3D Modeling … Read more

Hackaday & Electronica Munich

At 13.11.14 there was an embedded workshop and the hackaday price party in munich/germany. This was the first hackaday price, you could send in your hardware hacks and the winner got a trip to space (or the equivalent money). But first things first. The hackaday party was in munich because of electronica. Electronica is a … Read more

Writing own PSoC Components in Verilog

After finishing the introduction into State Machines I wanted to come up with a implementation on a real device (I don’t own an FPGA so far). At the electronica I visited the Cypress booth and they showed me how to create own user componentes. The process looked very simple and indeed it is, at least … Read more

ESP8266 Security

I will soon write a bit about what the ESP8266 is, how to use it and what I have developed on that platform. In the meantime you might want to check my standalone ESP8266 smart meter project. In a nutshell the ESP8266 is a WiFi module which can act as AP or Station and can … Read more

Capacitive Joystick Prototype

While I contributed to Active Games at Frankfurt University this year I digged a bit deeper into the capabilities of Cypress PSoC 4. I already played a bit with the capsense feature to realize touch-buttons or sliders. This time I went for the proximity sensor. I started by connecting a single wire to the PSoC4 and enable … Read more

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