Modeling and Assessment of Safety Critical Systems

With growing complexity of embedded controllers and applications, the design of safety critical systems becomes more and more challenging. Tools and frameworks help to manage such challenges but are often pricy and cover only certain aspects of the overall design or implementation workflow. In previous publications, we introduced a lightweight runtime environment and discussed concepts for separation of signal paths on multicore controllers as well as safety monitoring mechanism. As part of the publicly funded ZIM project “Zukunftstechnologie Multicore – Safe&Secure”, the Darmstadt University of applied sciences cooperates with the FZI Research Center for Information Technology and the company HighTec. One goal within this project is the development of tooling, which incorporates the results of previous research and not only allows modeling and code generation for safety critical systems, but also allows assessment of the safety cases and their mapping to the actual implementation in order to ease qualification. In this paper, we will demonstrate how free frameworks such as Eclipse EMF can be used to implement modelling tools. We will show how user friendly GUIs can be implemented, how safety assessment can be performed and how code can be generated.

I gave a presentation about this topic at the embedded world conference 2019. Learn more about it on the publications page.

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