I do own an old FM414 RC sender which I used for RC model ships when I was a teenager. As you can read at the F14 foamie page. I had some troubles using this RC system because its not working reliable (or not reliable enough for me).

But of course I do not throw things away! I reused the sender, building a HMI device to control a RC flight simulator. Once again I used the Encore III PSoC to have a Joystick device. The problem is that this chip (CY7C64215-28PVXC) is not having an ADC. So I will have to some external ADCs and bring the information to the 64215. I did so by using a CY8C27443-24PXI which will provide the ADC values. This again is based on ABOX from Metropolia Helsinki. I do need 4 ADCs but this chip is only offering one, so I implemented an analogue multiplexer. Its comparable slow but it is fast enough for my purposes.

The device is recognized as a HMI standard joystick so no drivers are needed and its compatible to a lot of different OS.


If you want to know how the USB configuration looks like:

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