cy8ckit 050 Pinout

The cy8ckit 050 Kit (PSoC5 LP) has a lot of pins. Its tricky to know which of them are safe to use. The list below is an overview. A more detailed description is available here (page 56). The Pins connected to Jumpers (J) can be safely used when the Jumper is not set. To make the Voltage reference available, the corresponding pads have to be populated.
This list comes with absolutely no warranty.

Pin Kit Function Kit Connection Pin accessible
P0_0 y
P0_1 y
P0_2 j43 SAR Bypass y
P0_3 – (voltage ref) y
P0_4 j44 SAR Bypass y
P0_5 y
P0_6 y
P0_7 y
P1_0 SWDIO y
P1_1 SWDCK y
P1_2 y
P1_3 SWO y
P1_4 TDI y
P1_5 y
P1_6 y
P1_7 y
P2_0 y
P2_1 y
P2_2 y
P2_3 y
P2_4 y
P2_5 y
P2_6 y
P2_7 y
P3_0 y
P3_1 y
P3_2 – (voltage ref) y
P3_3 y
P3_4 y
P3_5 y
P3_6 y
P3_7 y
P4_0 y
P4_1 y
P4_2 y
P4_3 y
P4_4 y
P4_5 y
P4_6 y
P4_7 y
P5_0 Capsense Slider y
P5_1 Capsense Slider y
P5_2 Capsense Slider y
P5_3 Capsense Slider y
P5_4 Capsense Slider y
P5_5 Capsense Button y
P5_6 Capsense Button y
P5_7 y
P6_0 y
P6_1 User Button 2, pulldown
P6_2 LED3
P6_3 LED4
P6_4 Rbleed
P6_5 Poti
P6_6 y
P6_7 NC
P12_0 y
P12_1 y
P12_2 y
P12_3 y
P12_4 y
P12_5 y
P12_6 y
P12_7 y
P15_0 24MHz Crystal
P15_1 24MHz Crystal
P15_2 XTAL 32.768 kHz
P15_3 XTAL 32.768 kHz
P15_4 Rbleed
P15_5 User Button 3, pulldown
P15_6 DP
P15_7 DM

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