The hackaday prize 2015

Do you want to improve the world we are living in and you are having a groundbreaking idea how to make that happen? Then you should go for the hackaday prize 2015, which is starting today!

What is the Hackaday Price?

Well nothing but a competition with the richest and most compelling prize pool ever available to hardware hackers. The grand prize winner will receive a ticket into space (or ~ 200.000$US), and other astounding prizes will be up for grabs with a total value of over 500.000$US which are not only addressed to the top positions of the competition.

Besides that there is a special price this year. It’s for the Best Product idea and aimed at budding startups and inventor entrepreneurs. The Best Product winner will receive $100,000, six months at the soon to open Hackerspace in Pasadena, mentoring, and an accommodation allowance so they can get their idea into production.

What you have to do?

The global water crisis, pollution, climate change, food shortages, fossil fuel
dependency, and many other big problems are waiting for new solutions. This is a very critical time in history where humanity have to find ways to accommodate 7.2×10^9 humans on a planet with limited resources and a fragile nature. We have to do better than we do right now and we need technologies and inventions to do better. Your task is to design, create, document a “thing” that will solve such problems. I know that a “thing” is very vague but that is the spirit! Like last year, they don’t want to limit your imagination by complex rules.

You need some inspiration? Inspirations for:


Go for the hackaday prize 2015 now!

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