PSoC Turbo

PSoC Turbo is my very first embedded Project and was developed in 2012 for a course at FH Frankfurt-University of Applied Sciences.
The basic idea is to control a car (or something similar) over a track. The inspiration was the game Turbo Tommy which I played as a kid.

The housing is an old multifunctional printer which I found at the junkyard. The printer was totally rebuilded to fit a rotatable plastic tube on which the track can be painted using whiteboard markers. The “car” is a photo transistor to recognize if the “car” is still on track. The user is controlling the system with an modified joystick. A PSoC CY8C27443-24PXI is the only microcontroller used. To make the game more fun there is a MP3 player which is controlled using I²C. The system now is located at FH Frankfurt

But as a picture says more than a thousand words, here is a video of the system which I made for my university:

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