Thomas Barth

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Name: Thomas Barth
Year of Birth: 1986
location Frankfurt/Germany
studies: Ph.D.
M.Sc. Electronic- and Information-Technology
(embedded Systems and Microelectronics)
done ]
B.Eng. Electronic- and Information-Technology
(Automation and Power)
Frankfurt/Germany and Helsinki/Finland
done ]
Apprenticeships: Specialized Computer Scientist – System Integration done ]
Industrial Electronics Electrician done ]
skills:  Web-Programming freelancer done ]
Certified PLC – Technician / ZDMA ZVEI done ]
Microsoft Certified Professional done ]
Microsoft Certified Desktop Support Technician done ]
Miscellaneous: certified gym instructor
Advanced Open Water Diver

2 thoughts on “Thomas Barth”

  1. Hello,
    It’s not often that I see another member of the Barth clan on the internet. Barth is an uncommon name here in the United States, at least in the Washington DC area where I live.

    I was on hackaday and saw your name on a comment, I clicked it and it linked me here. I see you’re going for your Electronic- and Information-Technology. It seems electricity seems to run in the Barth’s blood, I like electronics as a hobby, I have worked as an industrial electrician for a living for close to 25yrs. My father is a retired electrical engineer who worked for NASA for 35yrs.

    Anyway, nice website you have, it seems we have a lot of common interests. Good luck with your studies!

    Chris Barth

  2. Hey Chris,

    in Germany its a quit common name. From what I know it means “the beardy one, the one full of hairs”. There is also a map available where you see the distribution of the name in Germany:, plus: there is city called Barth:,_Germany

    It encourages me that you and your father also work(ed) in that area, its nice that we have this common interest in the “family”.

    Thanks for the compliment. Good luck with your work too!

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