Modeling and code generation for safety critical systems

The design and implementation of embedded safety (multicore) systems is highly challenging without good tool and methodology support, especially for small and medium sized development teams. Safety artifacts like hazard and risks analysis, specifications of safety functions and architectural solutions typically are realized as individual documents without a common repository, making the maintenance hard and error prone. Moreover, reference architectures are rare and design tools typically only cover parts of the design process.

Together with the FZI Research Center for Information Technology and the company HighTec, an innovative modeling and code generation tool for safety related systems has been realized based on the open source Eclipse Modeling Framework (EMF). In this paper, it is demonstrated how the tool unifies architectural and safety aspects and how an entire multicore runtime environment can be generated using EMF. The developed design patterns are described and it is demonstrated how a safety architecture can be realized using a multicore safety controller.

You can download this paper now from the the publications page.

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