LLP IP Active Games 2013 – a success

This year I was again a tutor for the LLP IP at Vilnius Gediminas Technical University in Vilnius, Lithuania.

“Active Games IP is an Erasmus Intensive Programme planned for 2013-2015. It is coordinated by Helsinki Metropolia University of Applied Sciences and has three other partners: Coventry University, Fachhochschule Frankfurt am Main and Vilnius Gediminas Technical University.

Active games are sports and leisure activities, where the user controls a computer or mobile game by a bodily user interface. In addition to fitness, active games can be applied for example in recreation and physiotherapy. This offers an excellent topic to combine diverse engineering subjects with new problem areas.

Participating students will learn: a) to work in multicultural engineering teams and form international lifelong professional connections, b) to develop engineering solution for non-technical, multidisciplinary problems.” –

To learn more about the Active Games programme, click here

I had a lot of fun, met once again fantastic people and learned a lot about technical and non technical topics. I want to thank everybody involved for the great time and I really hope to meet you guys again one day.

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