Flying Ball started

I started a new project. I do not have the time and also a lot of other projects are waiting to be continued but somehow this is very fascinating to me.

Here is the idea. You have a motor mounted within a “ball” made out of depron. Its a bit like a helicopter but the propeller is static and there are ruders to control the thrust.

Here is a very early design of how it could look like.

flying ball design v 0.1
flying ball design v 0.1

The idea is also to make it work without too much electronic and low cost of course.

The depron is 6€, the motor with ESC around 15€ and the servos 24€. Also I want to have a gyroscope for yaw stabilization which I got for 20 €. The benefit of this gyroscope is that it is already coming with an PWM implementation, so its easier for me to  build it into the system. All I need is to mix the yaw signal into all 4 ruders and to split the signal for pitch and roll onto 2 servos I will once again use a PSoC to get the PWM signals and to generate new.

I will soon write a page with more detailed information, until then please enjoy this video where I tested if the motor is generating enough thrust.

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